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The overall aim of the project is collect, storage and analysis of various forms of noise. Will be possible analyse various types of noise, at street, room, building, sea, space, computer, etc.

With the project will be possible study the noise intensity, frequency during the day and make a data base of all records, for a global or later analysis.

The hardware that I need to develop de project is a microphone, a small amplifier, an ADC (analog to digital converter) and a PC or Laptop. The software is composed by a program in Visual Basic  to convert the bytes of the ADC to a number. This number is associated at an hour and a date. All these information is stored into a Database for analysis (time, graphics, average, etc).



Task Target Date

1. DDP (Planning the DDP), web page of the CSP 
2. Diagram of the system, join the components, searching and reading.
3.Building the system, searching and reading. (YouTube).
4. Test  the system, searching and reading  (YouTube).
5. Make tests with software (VB/Pascal) to log data, searching and reading.
6. Choose the software to log data, make tests, searching and reading.
7. Collection of data on a environment to choose (Street, Bar, etc).
8. Analysis of collected data  (YouTube).
9. Building a DB in Oracle to store the data,write FPR, searching and reading.
10. Frequency analysis of collected data, write  FPR,,searching and reading (YouTube?).
11. Write, make the last adjustments to the system and the project is finished.
12. Project review.

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